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Photo of a side view of a Moose on a snowy trail, along a metal fence.
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Moose occasionally appear in the city and become disoriented. These amazing mammals are a fascinating sight however their presence within city limits can pose many problems. They can become a danger to themselves as well as to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The presence of a moose in Regina has even caused delays at the airport

Article chronicling the escape of a moose from the airport to a residential neighbourhood from The Regina Leader-Post newspaper.
Wayward moose delays flight.
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Wayward moose delays flight

A young bull moose was tracked down in the Cathedral area of the city on Friday. After tranquilizing the animal it was taken by flat bed tow truck to a spot outside the city to recover and be set free.

Photograph by: Bryan Schlosser
By Tonaya Marr And Terrence McEachern
JUNE 2, 2012

A wayward moose caused delays and difficulties in Regina on Friday morning. Travellers at the Regina International Airport were delayed after the moose was seen wandering on a runway. Jim Hunter, president and CEO of the Regina Airport Authority, said the moose made its way onto a runway after 6 a.m. and delayed one flight by 10 minutes. Hunter said the manager of airport facilities was in a Ford Explorer trying to herd the moose. "He got it over on the golf course - the Royal Regina - but then it got spooked and ran back into a farm yard on the north side of the yard. It pushed its way through a fence when it panicked when a dog started barking at it, and then got back onto the runway, and that's when the delay was caused with the airplane," he said.

From there, the moose went down the runway to the south end of the airport and then across Lewvan Drive. The animal was later seen in the 2100 block of Cameron Street. Cameron Street resident Kathy White left her house around 8 a.m. to head to work, and was met by several police cars and a young moose bunking down in her neighbours' yard.

"I wasn't exactly expecting a moose first thing in the morning, but he was there," said White. White was told to calmly and quietly make her way to her vehicle, so as to not frighten the animal.

"My daughter and I came out and they said, 'You can't go down there ... There's a moose,'" said White. "'A moose?' I said, 'There can't be a moose.' There was a moose between the two houses." The moose was tranquilized by conservation officers and transported on a flatbed truck to an area outside the city where it could be set free.

This is the second moose to venture into city limits in the last week. Another led police on a wild moose chase through the city May 26. The moose was first spotted on Assiniboine Avenue near Ring Road at 6: 30 p.m. It tracked through the city until it was secured and tranquilized in a downtown parking lot. No one from the Ministry of Environment was made available to speak about the recent sighting or the current moose population in the Regina area.

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Photo of a side view of a Moose on a snowy trail, along a metal fence.
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