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Photo of a Mallard Duck in a wetland, standing on a tree stump
Colvert - Mallard ©Tony Duplessis/Magnetic Hill Zoo


Mallard Ducks have been a part of many Monctonians’ lives due to their large presence in the municipality. Whether you’ve fed them at Centennial Park, watched them fly over farmlands in the fall or seen the ducklings swim around the pond at Irishtown Nature Park, everyone in Moncton has a memory of Mallard Ducks.

Video of mallard ducks in a City of Moncton park.
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Photo album

Photo of a Mallard Duck in a wetland, standing on a tree stump
Photo of a Peregrine Falcon nesting box on the roof of a building.
Photo of three White-Tailed Deer in the grass at the edge of a thicket.

Photo of several Little Brown Bats dead on the floor of a cave.
Photo of a wooden walkway over a wetland on the outskirts of the City of Moncton.
Photo of a Black-Capped Chickadee on a leafless branch, seen from below, with a blue sky background.

Photo of a Great-Horned Owl, frontal close-up view, right eye open.
Photo of a Black Bear on all fours  in vegetation, frontal view.
Photo of a back view of Canada geese with goslings on the water, vegetation in the foreground.

Photo of a frontal close-up view of Barred Owl with eyes open, with green background.
Photo of a side view of Cedar Waxwing perched on a branch, with a background of greenery.
Photo of a side view of a Moose behind a metal fence near a garden.

Map of the City of Moncton

Moncton city map

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